The PAC, while submitting its 11th report in Parliament on Thursday, has came down heavily on the railways and dubbed the move as anti-poor.

The Committee said that initially people from all sections of life were used to get the benefits of the scheme but of late the railways has made it a money minting machine.

The ultimate aim of introducing the Tatkal scheme was jeopardized as half of the tickets issued under the scheme is now categorized under the newly introduced ''Dynamic Fare System,'' pegging the fare at high rate, PAC stated and added that only rich people are
now able to book Tatkal tickets under the Dynamic Fare system.

The Committee said that the railways should immediately reduce premium charges to make the scheme poor friendly. The PAC also asked the government to reduce the number of ticket bookings internet so that people hailing from low income group can easily register their berths through ticket windows.

The PAC also slammed the railways for not taking any action against the 24 Rail Travelers Service Agents (RTSA)  in Kolkata, which have been operating for the last 27 years without any license fee and security deposits. Delhi also witnessed the same malpractices where nine RTSA agents were found in fly-by-night operations.

The PAC has recommended an appropriate enquiry against the erring officials and  suggested disciplinary action against them. The Committee has also expressed the possibility of local railway officials being hand in glove with RTSA agenst to run such sleazy affairs.


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