London: One in ten women will consider separating from a man who is too affectionate in front of other people, a study has found.

According to the survey of 2,000 people, more than a quarter of people are too embarrassed to hug or even hold hands in public, media reported.

Sixty six percent of the people polled, asserted that they would be no more affectionate to their partner on Valentine's Day than on any other day.

The study that was conducted by MSN, also found that 28 percent of the people were uncomfortable around other couples' PDA.

People from Yorkshire topped on the list of February 14 cynics, with 71 percent saying that they would not be any more loving towards their partner.

They were also the most likely to feel uncomfortable when they saw someone openly showing affection towards their partner.

But those a little further north were the most romantic, with 44 percent of people surveyed in the North East saying that they would be more affectionate on Valentine's Day.

Least acceptable forms of public displays of affection are:
1. Heavy petting
2. Kissing with tongues
3. Bottom slapping
4. Cuddling
5. Kissing on lips
6. Arm around the shoulder
7. Arm around the waist
8. Arms linked
9. Kissing on cheeks
10. Holding hands

Unacceptable locations for public displays of affection are:
1. At work
2. At the gym
3. At the public pool
4. On public transport
5. At a bus or train station
6. On the street and at the beach
7. In a pub
8. At a party
9. On holiday
10. At a nightclub


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