Allahabad: What may come as a surprise is that public representatives cannot demand for information under the Right to Information (RTI) Act. According to information officer of Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) and Deputy Registrar (Finance) RB Singh, the RTI rests only with the general public.

This was revealed after Councillor from Mumfordganj here, Uttam Kumar on July 20, 2011 had filed an RTI application seeking information on seven points.

The RTI applicant had sought details of vacant posts of SC/ST and officials responsible for it. According to Kumar, he had sought information after spotting irregularities in the ongoing work which was not happening as per the rules.

The reply from the information officer, however, took him by surprise.

Citing Section 3 of the RTI Act 2005, the information officer argued there was no provision for public representatives receiving information under the Act.

“I am a citizen of India and have the right to information. I will file an appeal in this regard,” said Kumar.

However, Singh said that people associated with organisations can misuse the informations and under Section 3, this right was vested only with general public.

“We have written to the CIC in this regard,” said Singh.

Meanwhile, High Court Advocate Anil Visen said under Section 3 of the Act, any citizen and public representative can seek information. Before being a public representative, he or she is a citizen of India.

It is wrong to say that public representatives are not entitled to seek information under the RTI Act, he added.