London: Men find going to public toilets stressful and are terrified of being caught looking where they shouldn't, a new report has claimed. According to the new study, men never catch someone's eye, never draw attention to them and never squeeze into the line unless there is a space.

The research was carried out by scientists who secretly spied on men in clubs and pubs, museums, and shopping centres and then questioned them in focus groups about their toilet etiquette.

Academics from the University of London found that men were far more insecure about using public loos than women.

Dr Sarah Moore, lead author of 'Spaces of Male Fear: The Sexual Politics of Being Watched', said that she was really surprised how 'stressful' public toilets can be for men.

"Quite a few of our participants reported feeling so intimidated and nervous in certain bathrooms that they were physically unable to use the facilities," a daily quoted her as telling the Sunday Star.

"I'm sure that some of the problems with men's toilets could be helped by better design," she said.

According to the report, "For women, public toilets are often convivial places, offering up the -possibility to make friends and socialise."

"But for males, the most significant problem was the co-presence of other men and the possibility of violence if a breach of toilet etiquette occurred," the report said.

"They were concerned about being looked at by other men and being mistaken for voyeurs," it added. The study has been published in the British Journal of Criminology.


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