New Delhi: The investigation of Hasan Ali's tax swindling case has sent ripples in the Raj Bhavan of Puducherry. Deputy-Governor Hassan Iqbal Singh has been accused of helping Ali in issuing passport from Patna.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) would soon seek the permission from the President to interrogate Singh and start the case against him. Sources said that Congress leader Amlendu Kumar Pandey after being instructed by Singh had helped Hassan get the passport. After getting the passport from the regional office in Patna, Hasan opened his bank accounts in Singapore.

ED had searched the houses of Amalendu Kumar in Delhi and Patna. Officials have said that during the search many important documents related to Hasan Ali were found but Amalendu is still absconding.

A high-level ED official has said that Hasan has confessed to his relation with Iqbal Singh and added that the agency is trying to ascertain the financial connection between Hasan and Singh. However, the official also accepted that as Singh is the Deputy Governor, the investigation is being affected.

He said that a prior permission is required from the President in order to start questioning Singh.

(JPN/ Bureau)