Drugs like opium, heroin, smack and others were smuggled in the state from across the border whereas other narcotics like poppy husk were coming to Punjab from states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and others where it was sold openly, the CM claimed on the side lines of an event in Dhuri assembly segment here.

Yesterday, he had explained, "As geographically Punjab was in close vicinity of international border and nefarious elements ventured hard to smuggle drugs like heroine freely across this route but their efforts were foiled by the state government's stringent step of breaking the supply line."

Badal further said, "Ironically the state's image has been belittled just because Punjab was fighting the war against drugs from the forefront."

"We have suffered earlier as the state fought national war against militancy to protect unity and integrity of the country and now we are being victimized for waging a direct war against drug menace," he stated, adding, state security agencies have cracked down heavily on the drug peddlers by nabbing.

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