"It is a well known fact that the elected MPs of AAP have miserably failed to deliver anything to the people...anyone can entertain the people by catchy slogans but only Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) is committed to serve the people and safeguard the interests of Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiat," he said, he said in an official release.

Aam Aadmi Party is "misleading the people by showing them green pastures," the CM alleged at a gathering on the second day of his 'Sangat Darshan' programmed here.
"I request voters from getting swayed away by the "hollow slogans" of the opposition parties," he added.  The 87-year-old CM took also on Congress for allegedly misleading the people in order to fulfill its vested political interests.
Congress, instead of formulating policies for the development of the weaker sections of society, "has always deceived them by depriving their legitimate rights", he said.
"It was age-long policy of the Congress to deny basic facilities to weaker sections of the society and hoodwinked them through false slogans," Badal said.
"The net result of all these anti-poor policies of the Congress party is that this strata of society was today confronting a number of problems," he said.
Further lashing out at the Congress, Badal said that state Congress leaders were unnecessarily creating a hue and cry over the Sangat Darshans in the state.
"Sangat Darshan is an integral part of state's governance as it virtually brought the government at the doorsteps of people thereby bridging the communication gap between the masses and administration, which normally hinders the process of progress," he said.

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