"First of all, it took more than a month for him to visit the families of the victims. Then he went under heavy security as he feared protest by the people. He delayed his visit by about four hours as people waited for him with black flags in Sarawan village. He should have gone there to seek apology with folded hands for the unprovoked police firing", Bajwa

The state Congress chief asserted that he took this risk as Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is to lead a 21-member delegation to President Pranab Mukherjee tomorrow seeking a high-level probe by a sitting Supreme Court judge into police firing at Behbal Kalan and series of incidents of sacrilege of holy books that the Badal government had 'failed' to prevent.

Bajwa alleged here was a government in which the right hand "did not know" as to what the left hand was doing.

He asked Badal, who is also the Akali Dal Patron, to come out openly as to what haunted him now as it was too well known to all as to how the situation had deteriorated in the state leading to a mass outrage, the 'like of which has not been witnessed before in this state during the last several decades.'

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