New Delhi: At a time when the Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi  is trying to woo Dalits in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, the ruling Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is working hard to win the support of Dalit community in Punjab. Trying to dent the vote bank of the Congress in Punjab, the BSP has been making concerted efforts to keep its poll calculations correct.

In order to grab the power in Punjab, BSP is eyeing on newly formed party Sanjha Morcha, an umbrella of small parties comprising members who are expelled from the Congress, the BJP and the Akali Dal.

Considering the crucial role of Dalits in electing the governing body in Punjab, almost all parties are trying to woo this community. Interestingly, People’s Party of Punjab (PPP) run by Manpreet Badal and Left Front have also joined Sanjha Morch to fight the battle of ballots.

The BSP believes that majority of candidates in Sanjha Morcha are those rebellious politicians who have been removed from the party and can weaken the election prospects of the BJP, the Akali Dal and the Congress in forth coming election. Undoubtedly, this would help the BSP.

Despite several efforts made by the BSP to hit the Congress-Dalit alliance in Punjab, it always failed to achieve success.
It is to be noted that in almost every election the BSP candidates have lost the battle of ballots from 1000-10,000 votes in more than two dozen seats of Punjab.