Mansa: The Punjab farmers have announced to take out a rally on August 2 in protest against the land acquisition for establishing a thermal power plant in Govindpura.

The farmers held meeting at various places and decided that 17 different groups of the farmers would head towards Govindpura on the scheduled date in order to stage protest.

Earlier on Sunday, agitated village women expressed their annoyance against land acquisition by burning effigy of the Punjab Government and shouting anti-government slogans. They vowed to continue their stir until the notification for land acquisition is dismissed. 

Bharatiya Kisan Union of Dakonda also lodged its protest by burning the government effigies.

One of the members of Bharatiya Kisan Union of Dakonda said the march on August 2 is being staged to put the demand of unconditional release of farmers, workers and union leaders who have been arrested in connection with the protest against land acquisition.