Chandigarh: Punjab government on Tuesday rejected the blame of power overdrawal from the northern grid leading to its collapse, claiming that its overdrawal was "minimum" among other states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

A government spokesman said when northern grid failed at 2.30 am on Monday, Punjab's overdrawal was just 5.5 percent of allotted share of power in comparison to overdrawal by Haryana at 25.5 percent and UP at 20.8 percent.

"These figures clearly established that Punjab has been the most disciplined and frugal of the northern states," he said.

Similarly, at approximately 1.10 PM on Tuesday, when the grid failure occurred for the second day, Punjab's overdrawal was a meager 1.2 percent of its sanctioned load, he said, adding Haryana's overdrawal at the same point of time was a whopping 22.4 percent and UP's at 6.4 percent.

Similarly, average figures of overdrawal by the three states for July also showed that Punjab was the most "disciplined" of all the northern states.

During this month, Punjab's average power overdrawal stood at a bare 4 percent.

Compared with this, the average overdraft by UP is a staggering 31 percent and Haryana's overdrawal at 17 percent while Rajasthan had an average overdraft of 18 percent for the same period, he claimed.

Delhi government had on Monday accused Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab of overdrawing power from the Northern Grid which led to its collapse.


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