Firozepur: ‘Once bitten twice shy’ is what the Punjab government is singing after its failure to collect the money for sold rest houses. In a bid to save itself from the huge loss, the state government has cancelled the allotment of the government rest houses.
These rest houses, sold by the irrigation department in 1998, were cancelled due to non-payment of the 75 percent of the bidding amount.

Strangely, more than six of these rest houses sold by the Punjab government belonged to Rajasthan government.    

“The Rajasthan rest houses were sold by mistake,” is how the irrigation department officials like to put it.
The rest houses fall under the Eastern Canal Division, Firozepur.

The Punjab government sold a five acre rest house in Islam Wala village for Rs 15, 27,000 while a 6.21 acre rest house in Kahan Singh Wala village was sold for Rs 11, 23,000.