"What Superintendent of Police Baljit Singh did to fight against the terrorists, Punjab will never forget. His martyrdom has raised the profile of Punjab in maintaining the integrity of our motherland," Badal said in the Polish capital yesterday. He is leading a team of state officials and businessmen to Poland to participate in a seminar and attract investment in Punjab.

Badal put the whole blame on Pakistan for cross-border terrorism when he said, "After failing miserably in Jammu and Kashmir, the Pakistan government, its Army and ISI wanted to divert attention on Punjab."

"We in Punjab will give them a proper reply and we will choose our own methods. Pakistan failed in the 1980s in its mischief an it will fail again now. We Punjabis have always faced invaders in our history and we know how to repulse them," he said.

"Though I am in Warsaw, I am constantly in touch with my officials in Punjab. I am monitoring the situation and my father, the chief minister is in touch with me," he added.

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