New Delhi: Playing cricket is no more a hobby today. The game has now evolved as money churning career for many youth. Besides being a sport and an entertainment option, the game has some glamorous quotient attached to it.

The recent World Cup victory and the IPL series have doubled the game’s prospect and created career option for youth in India.

Donning the role of a batsman, bowler or wicketkeeper you can secure a place  in the state cricket then Ranji finally making it to the Indian cricket team.

BCCI categories

There are four categories in the BCCI contract named A, B, C and D, and depending upon the categories any player’s remuneration can vary from to Rs15 lacs to Rs 60 lacs per annum respectively.

Taking cricket as a career option does not mean that you can only be a batsman or a bowler. There are other options too.


Every domestic and international match has two field umpires, one television umpire and a referee umpire. Umpires should have sound knowledge of the game.  BCCI often conducts tests for umpires at two levels and after clearing the test one can become a national level umpire.

What qualities you required to become an umpire?

One should be well versed with the rules and laws of cricket.

Track of the cricket history and records is a must for an umpire.

One should also be calm, composed and patient.

 How can you become an international umpire?

To be an international umpire, you are required to qualify the elite panel of umpires. If you are best in umpiring at national level, BCCI can recommend your name to the elite panel.

There are no separate courses for umpiring. BCCI itself conducts classes before the exams.

Commentator or Anchor

Aspirants, who have profound knowledge of cricket with a great fluency in English and Hindi, can pursue for the job of commentator and anchor.

Coach is the person who trains the players and gives them every minute detail of batting, bowling and fielding. So he must know the game very well and should have a first-hand experience of playing himself.


Curator is the person who prepares the pitch for cricket.

Scorers keep the record of scores and provide information to the commentators along with previous records also. Keeping view of vast knowledge about records and rules of the game the scorer’s job is by no means easy, but if you're eager to take up the challenge the Association of Cricket Officials can certainly help you achieve the road to success.


The top international cricket teams have a full time physiotherapist touring with them for diagnosis and treatment to the players.

Sports doctor

As you proceed through medical school you will have the opportunity to select what you want to specialise in.

While you may already know that you want to be a sports doctor there are actually several different specialisations within the field such as cardiology, respiratory or orthopedics. Choosing what you want to specialise in can help you in selecting residencies that can be in your interest.

The final stage in becoming a sports doctor is to complete your residency in sports medicine or the specialty area you have chosen.

Grounds men

Grounds men are there to take care of side screen, pitch and the playground.

Cricket journalist

A sports journalist can also be an expert cricket journalist. If you have a journalism degree and vivid knowledge of cricket you can try to be a cricket journalist.