It is sheer frustration and vendetta of the ruling dispensation that they are said to have ordered investigative agencies to take proactive action against Baba Ramdev and his close aide Balakrishna. With the raining of acidic criticism in the wake of Ramlila ground botch-up and seeing Civil Society’s momentum building against graft and sleaze rampant in the system, the Congress-led government has hooked up with a beleaguered situation and lost its composure and mental equanimity. The Centre’s bungling, which has taken two extreme steps, is evident that at one time Cabinet Ministers were pressed to mollycoddle with the yoga guru, waging war against black money and corruption, and the next the government and the spiritual leader went at it hammer and tongs. After the situation spun out of the control, the Congress leaders have started hurling several allegations to prove that Baba is communal. The retaliatory measures taken by the ruling establishment is highly deplorable. The Congress government has a pedigree of revengeful politics. The iron-fisted treatment with ex IPL Chairman Lalit Modi, whose one revelation edged Shashi Tharoor out of Central Cabinet, describes the Congress’ tendency to reach final showdown. After being compelled to axe Tharoor, the government created such an atmosphere that Lalit Modi left the country. May be Lalit Modi had violated norms but the fact is the allegations made against Modi have not been proved so far. If the Central government is cautious about its image, which has already hit the bottom, it should introspect rather than take revengeful action.

It is likely that Baba Ramdev may have violated rules and regulations in establishing his empire for the last 10-15 years, but why was the Centre in a slumber and did not take any action against him before the Ramlila ground agitation. Now, the way the government has started smearing allegations against him patently indicates that it is in a revengeful mood and trying to entrap him. The Centre must learn that becoming retaliatory and weaving concocted story against the yoga guru will land the Centre in trouble whose credibility and public image has already reached the nadir. If the government thinks that linking Baba with RSS and BJP could prove him communal, it is day-dream of the Congress. If the Central government thinks that RSS is treacherous and involved in anti-national activities, why does not it dare to ban the outfit? The government should learn that by unnecessarily creating hype against the RSS or BJP will lead it nowhere.