Your face make-up not only enhances the beauty of your face but also adds extra glamour to your personality. Your jewelleries make you cynosure of everyone’s eyes. To get ready for special occasion, balance between your make-up and jewelleries is very important. Don’t carry heavy make-up that gives odd look. Here, make-up artist Minakshi Dutt tells you how to keep balance between occasion, dressings and jewelleries.

1.    If you are wearing heavy traditional gold jewellery, apply light and sober make-up. If you want to keep balance with your traditional ornaments, you can apply 6o’s winged eye make-up. To define your eyes, do not forget to apply two coat of mascara. Keep your lips make-up natural.

2.    If you are wearing single coloured dress with heavy coloured stone jewellery, you can apply Smokey eye make-up.  To give glam touch to your face, you can apply gold and green coloured mixed eyeshadow. Complete your look by applying bronze gold blusher and coral lipstick.

3.    To add colour to your kundan jewelleries, you can apply green eyeshadow. In addition to it, you can apply golden dust on your brow bone. To opt elegant look, apply pink blusher and pink lipstick. Apply deep kajal in your eyes.

4.    Mild grey smokey eye looks good with diamond jewelleries. In addition to it, you can apply winged eye liner and deep kajal with mascara. To give soft look to your make-up, apply peach blusher with peach shimmer. Complete your look with rosy pink lipstick. To make your eyebrow attractive, apply dark brown brow pencils.

5.    If you are wearing black and white pearl jewellery with western dress, put pearly white eyeshadow. Apply 2-3 coat of mascara. To highlight your chicks, apply light coral blusher and peach or light orange lipstick. You can also use deep red lipstick with pearl jewelleries.

6.    If you are wearing special kind of jadaau jewelleries, give special touch to your make-up. If you are wearing ruby or pink coloured stone jadaau jewelleries, wear pink eyeshadow, pink blusher and bright fuchsia lipstick, it perfectly goes well with your make-up. Do not forget to define your eyes with black eye pencil.

7.    Metallic look always suits on gold jewelleries. Apply gold eyeshadow. Apply thick eyeliner and two coat of mascara. Light coral/peach blusher and oranges tone lipstick. Warm ton lipstick goes well with gold jewelleries.    

Courtesy: Sakhi