"Work on prospective frontline aviation complex has been in full swing. I have no doubt these plans will be implemented. The work on the long-range aviation complex must start now," reported a news agency citing Putin during a meeting with air force commanders in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Russia armed forces plan to conduct the first tests of the complex in 2015. Noting that Russia was aware of the potential of unmanned drones, the president said his country would not use them as "other states" do.

"This is not a game, a computer game," a news agency quoted Putin as saying.

"These are serious combat strike and reconnaissance systems, which obviously have great potential," he said, without elaborating on the difference the way Russia and "other states" use the drones.

He also demanded modernization of the existing long-range warplanes, including the SU-25SM fighters, Tu-160 and Tu-95 bombers, as well as the air-based strategic nuclear forces.

Russia's armed forces received 86 warplanes and more than 100 helicopters this year. In 2014, another 120 planes and 90 helicopters are expected to enter into service, Putin said.

Russia plans to upgrade 70 percent of its combat aircraft to new generation types by 2020.


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