Putin said the trip home would take 18 hours and he needed at least four hours' sleep before returning to work Monday, the Brisbane Times reported.

The Russian leader said he explained his reasons to his Australian host, Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who, he said, responded with: "No problem."

Despite Abbott's shirtfront threat setting the scene for the two leader's encounter in Australia, President Putin departed praising him. Abbott acknowledged he had treated Putin with courtesy as he was a guest of Australia.

Abbott earlier this week sought Russian compensation and demanded that Putin apologise to victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, which crashed in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border July 17.

While Abbott cuddled a koala alongside Putin, conservative world leaders, including Britain's David Cameron, Canada's Stephen Harper and Germany's Angela Merkel delivered stern words to the Russian leader over Ukraine.

Abbott said the G20 and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forums had provided world leaders the opportunity to confront Russia. "When all is said and done President Putin was a guest in our country, he is a member of the G20 and I was happy to treat him with respect and courtesy while he was here in Australia," he told reporters.

"We had a very detailed and professional conversation. Very disciplined. He (Abbott) made sure everyone stayed on schedule, but also provided an opportunity for everyone to say something," Putin said before departing Australia.

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