London, (Agencies): A faction of Al Qaeda terrorists suspected of conducting surveillance on the targets of 9/11 had planned a fifth terror attack on the same day in the US but could not carry it, according to WikiLeaks.

Documents published in The Daily Telegraph have revealed that , the men flew from London to New York on a British Airways flight three weeks before the attacks and allegedly carried out surveillance at the World Trade Centre, the White House and in Virginia, the US state where the Pentagon and CIA headquarters are located.

The revelation, in US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks, has raised suspicions that the three men were preparing to be a fifth suicide team, but aborted their attack at the last minute. The men flew to Los Angeles, where they stationed themselves in a hotel near the airport which the FBI has now established was paid for by a "convicted terrorist", who also
bought their airline tickets, the report said.

Hotel staff  have told investigators they saw pilot uniforms in their room along with computer print outs detailing pilot names, flight numbers and times and packages addressed to Syria, Afghanistan, Jerusalem and Jordan. On September 10 they were booked on an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Washington, but failed to board. The following day the same Boeing 757 aircraft was hijacked by five terrorists and crashed into the Pentagon
Instead of boarding a domestic flight to the US capital, the Qatari suspects – named as Meshal Alhajri, Fahad Abdulla and Ali Alfehaid - returned to Doha, via London. Their current location is unknown and the FBI have wlaunched a manhunt for them.