Pune: Terming the opposition to quadricycle as stifling innovation, Bajaj Auto managing director Rajiv Bajaj on Friday said his company has invested time and money in developing RE60 while others have been complacent.
"We have made a different product, an innovation and we cannot be penalized by delaying its launch. Policy should not be a hurdle for innovation. The government must encourage innovation and when policy comes in the way, it must be re-looked at and not innovation," he said here on Friday while launching a variant of its three-wheelers.
Speaking on the government move to allow quadricycles, a 200-cc and four-wheel vehicle, for commercial transport in urban centres, Bajaj quipped, "we have a "yellow" signal now from the earlier red signal," adding it will take some more time before the final approval comes in as many more steps are there to be followed.
The quadricycle, which Bajaj claimed has taken up to five years to develop, has reportedly been facing resistance from competition. "Why should there be a level playing field in a competitive environment. It is a free market," Bajaj said.
"We have invested money and spent four-five years in developing the RE60. Why have others been complacent? After all, the quadricycle has been in Europe for over 20 years," he added.
When asked about the reported reservations of the trade unions, he sounded confident of solving the problem. "Many postures have been adopted by the unions but we can solve the union problem if we have any only in our own plant. The postures have less merit and are more about politics," he said.


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