Ghaziabad: Can CCTV cameras decide which partner is at fault in an unending domestic quarrel? An argumentative couple has come up with the idea here to identify the guilty and the victim in the 18-year long domestic fight.

The result of the experiment will be visible after a month when the CCTV footage will be accessed by the Family Counselling Centre. The CCTV cameras will capture their daily activities on a regular basis.

Both the husband and wife are doctors in a prestigious hospital here and have been married since 18 years. The couple approached the Family Counseling Center for help to sort out their never-ending domestic quarrel. Both the spouses accused each other of beating and harassment.

While the wife accused her husband of harassing her for dowry, having an extra-marital affair and making a failed attempt to kill her, the husband in return blamed her for being impolite and depressed.

When the husband came up with the unique idea of installing CCTV cameras to find out the guilty, the wife also gave her consent immediately. The CCTV cameras will soon be installed in their house that would record their activities round the clock.

Retired Deputy SP and Counsellor at Family Counselling Centre, SP Sharma said, “The wife has lodged a complaint against her husband. The recording will tell who is at fault. If the wife is found to be guilty, the complaint will be rejected and if the husband is found to be the culprit, action will be taken against him after filing a case.”