The Prevention of Communal Violence Bill was put to public domain after having been cleared by the Cabinet. Going by the history which is fraught with communal and sectarian bloodshed, the Centre’s move is undoubtedly forthcoming that if desires to entrench a political system by ensuring impartial and justified treatment to one and all, but after getting a close look at the proposed Bill, it is unlikely that the legislation will be efficient enough to stem communal arrogance and animosity. The draft bill prepared by NAC-led Sonia Gandhi is teemed with many provisions which put question on the intention of the government. While publishing the draft bill, the way Union Minister Kapil Sibal narrated about Gujarat carnage and its government, it appears that the Centre has some malafide intention. If the ruling dispensation is keen to create free society from communal violence and hatred, the proposed bill should be drafted in manner that can provide equal treatment to all communities. It is quite dismay that the draft bill contains such provisions which dilute its very purpose. If the Centre accepts that the communal violence is a serious issue, it should deal with the matter sternly rather than settling any political score. It is disappointing that the Prevention of Communal Violence Bill puts majority in poor light as it indicates that there is a need of safeguarding religious and linguistic minorities from violence. It is natural to raise doubt over the intention of the Centre and it defines group for religious and linguistic minority in the bill.

According to the draft bill, the seven-member National Authority, meant for building harmony, justice and reparation, to be formed on national and state level will have its Chairman, vice-Chairman including four members from minority group. What’s the rationale behind it? Has the Central government decided that major community is responsible for creating communal fissure and violence in the country? The moot point is why has the government accepted it, if National Authority accommodates more people of major community, with minority and SC/ ST people be meted out justice? If it is so, it will dismantle the harmony and cohesiveness of the society. It is an irony that the Centre is bringing such a significant legislation, but it has given only10 days for inviting public suggestions. If the government does not indulge in its parochial interests, it should at least rethink on the draft bill.