Islamabad (Agencies): Shah Mahmood Qureshi will face serious disciplinary action, Pakistan's ruling PPP said after the former Foreign Minister revealed that the US had forced him to confirm diplomatic immunity for Raymond Davis.

"Serious disciplinary action will be taken against him for violating the party discipline and humiliating its leadership," said Fauzia Wahab, information secretary of the Pakistan People’s Party.

Terming Qureshi's role as foreign minister to doubtful, Wahab said he did not support President Asif Ali Zardari when he faced criticism in the media over his foreign trips.

Qureshi is drawing criticism after he said on Saturday that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had "forced" him to confirm the diplomatic immunity for Davis.

Davis, an official with the US diplomatic mission in Pakistan, was detained on January 27 after he shot dead two youths in Lahore. He claimed to have acted on self-defence thinking them to be robbers.

President Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani discussed the situation and possible damage control measures after Qureshi's revelation, which has further strained the relations between the two countries.

Wahab said that the party leadership had decided to induct him in the new cabinet, but Qureshi created a crisis hardly 25 minutes before the oath-taking ceremony at the Presidency on Friday.

The information secretary said that it was the party leadership's responsibility to assign portfolios and Qureshi was not ready for a change in his portfolio.