Mumbai: Kangna Ranaut, who played Tanu in Tanu Weds Manu might romance a new Manu in the sequel of the film directed by Anand L Rai.

After the film raked in a lot of moolah at the box office, it was reported that the sequel would start the same pair. Even Kangna and Madhavan were quite gung-ho about doing the sequel.

Speaking of this sudden change in plans, a well placed source, "The unique pair of Kangs and Maddy brought a breath of fresh air in the film and the producers want to retain that element in the sequel too.
They are planning to go ahead with a fresh Manu who will mostly be a top notch star."

However, there is another reason for the sudden twist behind the casting, reveals a source.

"Yes, they were planning to go with the same pair earlier but once the negotiations for money started, Madhavan upped his fee and demanded a whopping price.

The producers felt that they could easily afford a top league star with that kind of money.

Also, the film has become a brand in its own right and getting a bigger star will take it to another level. So, now they are exploring other options."

Talking about why a new pair wasn't preferred for the cast, the source adds, "It is because Kangna who had an author backed role was the USP of the film and helped to draw a large audience into the theatres.

The producers don't want to lose their ace. They can easily do without Maddy and find a bigger name for Manu's role."

Director Anand L Rai prefers the 'no comments" stance and adds that the casting is still in the process.

Public poll

Charu Khandal, an animator says, "I like Kangna as Tanu, I don't mind if they get a new Manu. Shahid will look good with her."

Esha Lepcha, a PR, adds, "I think Shahid Kapoor and Sharman Joshi will be perfect Manu for Kangna. They have gentlemanly charm that Manu's character requires."

Tanul Mishra, an IT professional insists, "I'd like to see a fresh pair."