"An alarming number of Indian researchers are returning from overseas, after obtaining their MSs, PhDs and post doctorate fellowships. And despite their enriched education and training, many of them do not find worthy jobs or get engaged in research," R2R Foundation head, Dr Jayant Khandare, informed.

"At R2R Foundation, this is termed as 'Intelligent Reverse Brain Drain'. Therefore, to engage such researchers, the foundation has been incubated and has started operations near Pune's Hinjewadi Biotech Park," he said.

Khandare said some corporates have shown interest in supporting the Foundation.

The standard of research training acquired by these scientists is exceptional and unmatched, he said, adding that the selection criteria of many domestic academic institutions holds these scientists as 'ineligible', as our peers have their own definitions of excellence.

The foundation head said hiring of such researchers has been limited in the Indian institutes.

"In recent times, the number of such hiring has been quite limited. India has a dearth of innovation based start-up companies. To obtain government funding for research, there are varied norms and conditions. Therefore, many researchers prefer to return aboard," he said.

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