London: A photo exhibition on the life of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, depicting his meetings with eminent 20th century figures such as Albert Einstein, Bernard Shaw and Sigmund Freud, has opened at the Edinburgh Napier University.  

The exhibition, titled 'The Wayfaring Poet', has been organised by the Scottish Centre of Tagore Studies (ScoTS), based at the university.

It originally opened at the Scottish Parliament in June but is now taking a more permanent position at the University's Merchiston Campus where it will be open to the public until August 25, a university release said.

Bashabi Fraser, Lecturer in Literature and Creative Writing at Edinburgh Napier, said: "Rabindranath Tagore became a world figure when he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913. He travelled to around 37 countries, visiting some of them more than once, and always on the official invitation of governments or leading intellectuals.

"He was an ambassador for the meeting of the West and East and his friendships were both national and international."

The exhibition, 'Tagore: The Wayfaring Poet', showcases some of Tagore's lectures and meetings, recording his journeys as an intrepid world traveller at a time when journeys took months as people travelled by sea between continents.

The writer had strong links to Scotland – his grandfather, entrepreneur Dwarkanath Tagore, was honoured with the Freedom of the City award by Edinburgh in 1845.

Tagore also built up a firm friendship with pioneering Scottish town planner Sir Patrick Geddes.

The Scottish Centre for Tagore Studies was established at the University's Institute of Creative Industries in May, to promote Indian culture, education, philosophy, art and literature by highlighting the writer’s legacy.

As well as photographs of Tagore with famous historic figures, visitors will also be able to view photos of his Nobel Prize and the highest Greek honour, "The Badge of the Order of the Redeemer" which was given to Tagore by the King of Greece in 1926.


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