Mumbai: It is a sort of saga of rising from rags to riches for Yuvraj Walmiki, a new hockey sensation, is said to relocate in a flat in Mumbai soon, who is living in a shanty in Mumbai. Yuvraj who has been in news since his making three goals for Team India against Pakistan in the inaugural Asian Champions Trophy is presently playing Champions Challenge tournament in South Africa.

Meena Walmiki, Yuvraj’s mother, has been searching house for the last few days and shortlisted three flats. One of the flats is in Colaba costing Rs 1 crore and other two are located in Mira Road costing Rs 80 lakh and Rs 50 lakh.

Presently the Walmiki family resides in shanty in opposite to Marine line station. The house does not have even a main door and only curtains have been placed there.
Meena Walmiki said, “We do not get water to drink and use office toilet located in neighborhood. Yuvraj has been thinking of buying a new house.”

Returning home on December 5 for a short break, Yuvraj will be off to Pune on December 12. His mother wants to surprise him with new flat, which is much expensive.

Yuvraj was awarded Rs 22 lakh as prize money from the state government, various institutes and political parties.