Rahman said that he started endeavors in this regard since the time he became the Minorities Affairs Minister. He added that he even met the Union Home Minister and the Home Secretary but none of them showed any keen interest.

“From the time I became the minister, I started pursuing that...I met the Home Minister, I met the Home Secretary .... Absolutely, they were not keen," Khan said while interacting with journalists during an event organized by the Indian Women's Press Corps here.

However, Khan put the onus on the bureaucrats and branded it a bureaucratic failure.

The Minorities Affairs Minister added that either you call it their weakness or political weakness or the minister's weakness; they were not able to pursue the Communal Violence Bill.

The Union Cabinet had on December 16 last year approved the updated version of the Prevention of Communal Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, dropping the contentious clauses in the earlier Bill. It transpired just four days ahead of the adjournment of the Winter Session of Parliament.


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