New Delhi: The results of the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections to be out on March 6 may write different destinies of political parties, but two young faces: Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi and Samajwadi Party’s state unit chief Akhilesh Yadav have emerged as the national and state level leaders respectively.

Although both of them emerged as paratroopers with Rahul being the political heir of the Gandhi family and Akhilesh as son of former UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh; but no doubt both the stars have emboldened their respective political ground with their hard work.

The low profile Gandhi heir, Rahul has taken a new reincarnation in the UP elections. He not only revitalized the Congress workers in the state by raising voice in support of the farmers in the Bhatta-Parsaul land acquisition case but also challenged the Mayawati government on her home turf.

He visited every nook and corner of the state including Purvanchal, Awadh, Bundelkhand and western UP. As an ‘angry young man’, he kicked off a massive poll campaign from Phoolpur on November 14 last year, which came to rest only on February 29. The Congress scion remained in UP for 48 days and visited 229 constituencies to seek votes in favour of Congress-RLD combine candidates. He addressed 211 rallies and held road shows in 18 assembly constituencies.

For the first time, he single handedly led the Congress’s poll campaign and even launched scathing attack on Mayawati. In order to realize the dream of ‘Mission UP’, the prominent union ministers and UP Congress leaders also rallied behind Rahul.

Congress election campaign committee chairman Raj Babbar and Union Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal accompanied Rahul in his whirlwind campaign in the state.

However, how much his efforts will translate into the votes remain to be seen, but it is certain that the Congress not only fought the political war but remained in the centre of state poll campaign.

Similarly, Akhilesh has been the gift of UP assembly polls 2012. Without making hue and cry, Akhilesh made conducive poll environment in favour of the SP through his bicycle yatras across the state from September 15 till the second week of January. Since the notification of the elections, he himself visited over 200 constituencies and addressed about six-seven public rallies per day.

Being the most prominent face of the SP, he sidelined those responsible for the party’s defeat in 2007 polls. Posing a modest attitude, Akhilesh remained calm till the end of the poll campaign on February 29.

Political observers are of the view that the polls results will certainly decide the future of the Congress and the SP. Both the leaders have claimed their stake for playing a big role in their respective parties.