Rahul Gandhi claimed while talking to a leading daily that the incidents of communal violence in Uttar Pradesh were a part of premeditated strategy to segregate the poor people.

“Communal conflict is being artificially and deliberately engineered in our country, especially in Uttar Pradesh,” Rahul told a leading newspaper.

“This is a deliberate strategy to divide the poor of this country and pit brother against brother; to prevent people from uniting to fight the true enemy — inequality, poverty and lack of opportunity,” he added.

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh also batted for Rahul’s opinion on the spate of violent communal incidents in Uttar Pradesh, saying that the Congress vice-president was absolutely right.

Meanwhile, the BJP on Saturday hit out at Rahul’s claims, saying it was Congress which was indulging in communal politics and the statement itself reflected such intent.

Rahul says surging communal incidents in UP are engineered
Rahul claims UP communal riots part of premeditated strategy to segregate poor people.
Digvijay Singh bats for Rahul’s views, says Congress vice president is spot on
BJP hits back at Rahul over his comments on communal violence in UP
Prakash Javadekar says Congress itself responsible for communal riots
Javadekar blames Congress’ ally Samajwadi Party for UP communal incidents
BJP claims by discussing communal situation in House, Congress wants to increase communal tension

Environment Minister and senior BJP leader Prakash Javadekar said whatever is happening in Uttar Pradesh was because of Congress as it received support of the ruling Samajwadi Party (SP).
"If any party does communal politics, it is Congress. They had alliance with Muslim League. In Hyderabad, they had tie up with MIM. Even now, in both the houses of Parliament...by discussing communal situation, their motive is to increase communal tension," Javadekar said while condemning Gandhi's statement.

The controversy erupted from Rahul’s explosive comments is unlikely to die anytime soon with both Congress and BJP vehemently firing verbal volleys at each other.

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