"I believe that he is someone who can lead the party's charge. It will unify the party across all parts of the nation," he said, adding that one must wait for the outcome of AICC meet on January 17.
It is being speculated than an announcement to make the Gandhi scion party's prime ministerial candidate may be made there.
Pilot, however, said that one should not prejudge the outcome of AICC session.

"It's not a question of what Rahul Gandhi wants, I want or somebody else wants. We all bow down to the wishes of the party and whatever party decides will be final," he told reporters.
Pilot brushed aside BJP's barbs that Congress has lost the will to fight and claimed that the Congress will do ‘extremely well’ in the polls and victory will be a reality.
"I am of the opinion that whatever else happens, it is not going to be the way some people has projected that Congress will just roll over. We are there. Congress is fighting to win," he said.
Coming from a party, he said in a reference to BJP, which has two members in Lok Sabha, it's ‘a little naïve’ to write off a party which has a history of more than 100 years.
"I think power and winning elections is not the only thing one must judge a party by", he said.


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