Lucknow: Remember the February 15 rally when Rahul Gandhi was a big draw at his poll rally in Lucknow and tore apart the election manifesto by terming it as a mere list of assurances by the Samajwadi Party which being of no use.

Although this act invited many clapping from the crowd, but failed to convert them to consolidate votes. Rahul Gandhi who was projected as an ‘angry young man’ in the present political scenario failed to cast his magic spell despite holding several rallies in Uttar Pradesh. 

This election made Rahul understand that without good networking at grassroot level party workers, no magic is possible. Rahul lived in his fancy world that if the Congress came to power in UP, the state would witness development in next 10 years, which looked like a far-fetched dream for the voters.

There were a number of reasons for failure of Rahul’s charisma. He did not represent the local face that people were obviously looking for, and things might have been different had he been projected as the chief ministerial candidate of his party.

Rahul Gandhi could also have done without some loose cannons, who with their statements about Batla House, President’s rule (and this may have created an even greater surge for the SP in the last two phases with a large concentration of Muslims) or 9% reservation for the Muslims, which created a reaction amongst Hindus and helped the BJP in many seats.

Also, there were many psychological aspects which were ignored by his party and focused entirely on Rahul Gandhi.  

Even in his addresses he failed to recognize the ground realities of his own constituency and this was the reason why he had to see the defeat in constituency like Amethi and Rai Bareley.