He also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi drawing comparisons between the Congress and the BJP and remarking no one other than Modi can say anything" in BJP.
"RSS and its ideologues are systematically promoting mediocre people in the system...they are hell-bent on undermining the educational institutions' stature...it is not going on just in the education system but also in bureaucratic and judicial systems.
"RSS wants to promote their idea. They will call you anti-national, anti-Hindu. They are scared of you. That is the nature of a bully," he said.
He said the RSS and its ideologues are "undermining" the institution's stature by promoting "mediocrity" and bullying the critics as "anti-national and "anti-Hindu."
The Congress Vice President said the Government was suppressing the voice of the students by refusing to have a meaningful discussion on their demand.
"They (students) have only one demand that they (want to) have a discussion and want their voice to be heard... All that the students are saying is that there should be a discussion and their voice should be heard,” he said.
"They (the government) don't want discussion..anything that does not suit their ideology is anti-national. What is anti-national about these students who want to make their films..What could be more pro-national than that," he added.

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