Aligarh: The youth icon of Congress may seem all confident to take on the Mayawati government on the land acquisition issue but when it comes to economic issues, Rahul Gandhi needs to take a lesson from the Finance Minister. After firing salvo at the BSP government and terming them as ‘dalals’ during an interaction with villagers Kripalpur district of UP on Thursday, Rahul Gandhi was left speechless when farmers threw questions at him about inflation and price rise.

Rahul in Mathura on last day of padyatra

A teenaged girl while thanking Rahul for his efforts to win back their land questioned him as to what the government was doing to reduce inflation. Stunned Rahul vaguely responded that he would do his best. 

Similarly in a meeting in Jikrapur, a group of villagers associated with a committee spoke extensively on inflation. The villagers said, “If the Congress is in favour of farmers then why the Union Government did not control inflation? Why diesel and petrol prices were increased?” On this, Rahul smiled and refused to take any questions.

Meanwhile, one of the villagers asked Rahul if he had any plans for agricultural workers, who are working on the land of rich farmers, to earn their livelihood. At this, Rahul kept mum.

But capitalising on the overwhelming support of villagers and farmers, he slammed Mayawati government once again and said that BSP’s policies were corrupt. He mentioned that he has embarked on the padyatra to hear out the problems faced by the villagers and farmers and to fight for their cause.

“The state government took away land from farmers and has handed over to builders. This will continue to happen as people of the state are divided. Hence everybody is facing the loss”, he added.