New Delhi: "Thanks for giving us motor cycles. But our income is low. We need petrol allowance too," was a plea a few physically-challenged people made to Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra on Wednesday.
The appeal was made at a function to distribute motorized three-wheelers to 226 physically-challenged people organized by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.
35-year-old Prabhakar Prasad, who came all the way from Maharashtra, told Gandhi and Priyanka that petrol allowance was much needed for them.
"I will look into it," Rahul told Prasad, who hugged him and posed for photographs after the Congress leader promised to look into his demand for increasing the pension given to physically-challenged persons.
Rahul and Priyanka, Trustee and Executive Trustee of the Foundation respectively, went and spoke to almost all the 226 people who were given motorised three-wheelers by the Foundation and spent few minutes with them.
As the beneficiaries were seated in groups, the young scions of the Nehru-Gandhi family went to every single person, exchanged pleasantries from them and got to know their problems.
Sushil, who had come from Jammu, also told Gandhi that their ‘financial condition is very poor’ and they should be given ‘petrol allowance too’.
"We told him the problems we face. We get Rs 300 or Rs 400 as pension and we cannot buy petrol to run the vehicle. So we told him the need for petrol allowance. He listened to me patiently," he said.
Gandhi and Priyanka obliged the beneficiaries by posing for photographs with them. A few of them hugged the young leaders and presented shawls and book with them.
At the end of the programme, they also presented mementos to donors and sponsors of the Foundation.