"Singh has clarified his remarks. All he meant was that Rahul Gandhi was not hankering after power. We do not think it is a disqualification. In fact, we respect those who make sacrifices. He has all the attributes of a genuine leader. He is our second biggest leader," said Shakeel Ahmad.

Clarifying another senior leader AK Antony's acknowledgement that the party was perceived to be biased towards Minorities, Congress said the statement was made in the context of Kerala where he was speaking and had no national dimension.

"Kerala unit of the party has already clarified that Antony's statement was Kerala-specific," said Ahmad.

Senior BJP leader, LK Advani latching on to Antony's remarks, on Sunday said that the saffron party stood vindicated regarding its position on the issue of secularism in the context of Antony's statement.

"In 2009, 12 out of 28 Muslims got elected from Congress but only one found place in the UPA-II Ministry and that too as MoS. Is this appeasement ? " Shastri asked. In another tweet he said, "All 4 Muslim CMs i.e. Antulay, Barkatullah, Gaffoor & Taimur (Assam) were appointed by Indiraji. After that it's been a full stop for 30 yrs.(sic)"


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