"Modi government celebrated its second happy birthday a few days back. While addressing the people, he (PM Modi) spoke about Make In India, Connect India, Digital India, but he did not talk about price rise. Not once did he talk about pulses, potatoes and tomatoes," said the Congress leader in Lok Sabha.

He said that price rise is the most important issue before people and false promises cannot be made on it."You can make false claims on Startup India, Make in India, but not on rising prices," he added.

“Before 2014 Lok Sabha elections, PM Narendra Modi said price rise is India's biggest concern. I want to remind PM Modi about a promise he made to every Indian, and now has forgotten," he added.

"You had made a good speech then. But now that you are the Prime Minister, we want to ask you one question... why the prices have not come down," Gandhi said.

He claimed that compared to 2014, prices of certain essential items have gone up by anything between 100 per cent and 300 per cent.

Comparing the performance of the BJP and the UPA governments, he said, “The difference between minimum support price and market price was Rs 30, but now the difference is Rs 100.”

Targeting the policies of the BJP-led government, he said Rs 2 lakh crore was given to industries and nothing was given to poor farmers.

While ending his speech in Lok Sabha, he said, “PM must give a specific date, when prices would go down.”

He said there is a new slogan that people are chanting now which is “Arhar Modi, Arhar Modi.”

‘Under the chowkidar, dal is being stolen’

Reminding the Prime Minister of his election speech in Uttar Pradesh in 2014 - when Modi had said he wanted to be a "chowkidar" for the country and not the Prime Minister, Gandhi said the task of safe-guarding interests of poor people now should be "left to the Congress".

He lamented that today a huge quantity of pulses are being looted under Modi as the "guard". "Now you are the Prime Minister... you have become a big man. Why should you be a chowkidar too? Leave that duty to us, the Congress party today," Gandhi said amid strong protests from the BJP members.

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