New Delhi: Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare has said that Congress scion Rahul Gandhi is not worthy of becoming the Prime Minister of the country.  He made it clear that the ‘Yuvraj’ needs more experience to shoulder the responsibility of running the nation.

In an interview to a television channel on Saturday, Anna said, “There is an extreme dearth of experience in Rahul, this could be gauged from the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections where the Congress failed miserably to change its fortunes in the state.” He added, experience comes with time and Rahul really needs to work hard to acquire it.

Answering to a question on Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare said, “The Prime Minister of India is a spotless man. He is a very honest man but is surrounded by the wrong people.” Without naming Sonia Gandhi, he said, “Our PM is remote controlled due to which the country is in crisis.”

 On the intentions of the government for Jan Lokpal Bill, he said, “The government does not want to approve the Lokpal Bill and therefore, it tabled its own version of the Lokpal Bill in the standing Committee. We do not say that our version of the bill must be adopted but the government must send all the drafts of Lokpal Bill to the Standing Committee.” He firmly said that the decision taken by the government after debate on all the drafts would be acceptable to him.

He said, the government wanted to end the Lokpal movement but failed. He claimed to continue his struggle until the last breath of his life. The Gandhian announced to carry forward his movement along with Baba Ramdev’s support and to fight for the cause of farmers after the success of the Jan Lokpal movement.

Responding to a question on his illness, he said, “I am not aware why I was given wrong medicines at Sancheni hospital for just cough and cold.” He raised a doubt that it may have been a part of the ‘government’s strategy’.

In the best of his health, Anna Hazare is now back in the national capital for the Lokpal movement. He is also preparing to launch a movement against land acquisition and poll reforms soon. Learning a lesson from the past mistakes, Anna is now focusing on engaging people who have good knowledge of the issues.