The AICC general secretary at the same felt that the Congress Vice President is encountering resistance from within in implementing his ideas because some leaders feel that they would lose their clout they enjoy today if Gandhi's ideas are implemented.
"There is no question of Rahul Gandhi running away. I absolutely rule it out. He is made of sterner stuff. I am absolutely sure that he will not run away. He will continue not only as an MP but he also has a larger role in the Congress at the national level," Singh said.
He was asked about Rahul's sudden disappearance from the political scene and going on leave, which has generated speculation that he could renounce politics as he was no longer in a position to take the pressure.
Singh argued that if Gandhi wanted to give up why would he have had widest consultations with senior leaders.
Asked whether there are differences between him and his mother Sonia Gandhi, who is the Congress President, Singh said, "there is no question of differences. There is a strong bonding between them as family members."
But when pressed further whether there are differences politically, he said, "both of them are from different generations. Obviously every generation has a mind set."
Singh, signficantly said that "some people within the system are resisting" the measures for reforms initiated by Gandhi as there are "vested interests".

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