'It is very well to give speeches but PM Modi is silent on problems faced by the poor, 'Rahul said, addressing a rally of party workers in suburban Malad in North Mumbai.
Rahul also asked party men to shun internal differences and work unitedly to ensure that Congress comes back to power. He used the Marathi greeting on Makar Sankranti "Til gul ghya, god god bola" (eat sweets, speak cordially) to appeal to the Congress leaders to put an end to factionalism.
"It takes two-three-four years for the credibility of a government to decline but the BJP government's credibility has eroded very quickly," Rahul said.
There are talks of "start-ups and connect India". These talks are nice but there are poor people, domestic workers. India is theirs also. The government has forgotten them, he said.
Ask anyone about the situation faced by farmers. They will cry while narrating their plight. "You can't leave the poor people, the hawkers behind," he said.
Modi spoke of 'Clean India'. Modiji and his ministers took up 'jhadus' and cleaned the roads but in Mumbai, there are tonnes of solid waste. "You won't be able to clean Mumbai by speeches and staging events," he added.
In Uttar Pradesh, many people have demolished toilets built under the Clean India Mission, he said. The budget of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is in thousands of crore but this government gave just Rs 100 crore to make Mumbai a Smart City, Rahul said.


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