Addressing the National Students' Union of India's (NSUI) National Executive meeting here, he urged the students to combat "anti-poor" policies of the Modi government.

Finding faults with policies and programmes of the NDA government, he said while the annual railway budget stands at Rs 140,000 crore, the government has decided to spend Rs 98,000 crore for setting up bullet train network. He lamented that it was useful for only a small section in the country.

"So for one train they are spending two per cent of total railway budget. How many people will benefit from such trains? Three thousand, four thousand, five thousand...," he added.

"So... one side they are spending Rs 98,000 crore for 5000 people and on the other side, millions and millions and millions of people who use railways- they get the same amount of money. This is what you have to combat. You have to go to students," Gandhi told NSUI workers at the closed door meeting.

His statement comes two months after the Rs 98,000-crore project to lay India's first bullet train network between commercial nerve centre of Mumbai and Ahmedabad was finalised at the annual summit talks between Prime Minister Modi and his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in New Delhi.

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