"I am a proud Indian and all of us are proud Indians," the Congress Vice President remarked when asked whether PM Modi had once again insulted the nation by claiming on foreign soil that Indians used to feel unfortunate earlier and now they feel proud since his government came to power last year.

"... What people have felt is known to all and a lot of discussion has been held on it...I don't want to elaborate," he said while talking to reporters at the Lucknow airport before leaving for Delhi after winding up his three-day-long visit to Amethi.

Repeating his allegation of "suit-boot ki sarkar", Rahul asserted that the present government is not that of poor and farmers. "I want to repeat what I said in Parliament...this government is not for the poor, farmers and weaker people but of selected industrialists, a handful of those who are near the Prime Minister and all their works are being done," he added.

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