On a two-day visit to his Amethi Parliamentary constituency, Rahul Gandhi, who led the Opposition attack against the NDA government in and outside Parliament, said, "There is no achhe din for aam aadmi, achhe din is only for Prime Minister Narendra Modi."
"Inflation is at its peak. Nothing has been done for the farmers and the youth," he said, addressing a roadside meeting at Nigoha village here.
The Congress vice-president said that during the Lok Sabha election campaign, PM Modi had promised to deposit Rs 15 lakh in every person's account after bringing back the black money stashed away abroad. "Has it been deposited," he asked on a sarcastic note.
Rahul Gandhi said his party would strongly fight the BJP and its communal and divisive policies across the country. Promising to carry on development work in his Lok Sabha constituency, Rahul Gandhi said, "We will complete the development works in Amethi. We will fight unitedly as a single person cannot struggle."

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