Bara (UP): Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on Saturday took a dig at Samajwadi party for its "U-turn" by promising laptops and tablets to intermediate and high school passouts in its poll manifesto, when its leaders had in the last election declared computer and English education as a "taboo".

"Just have a look at their manifesto for the previous assembly election. Proficiency in computer and English was declared a taboo by the party leadership then. Interestingly, this was the party's stand despite the fact that Mulayam Singh Yadav's son Akhilesh is fond of these symbols of modernity," Gandhi said addressing an election rally here, 45 kms from Allahabad.

"It seems the party has taken an U-turn in 2012 and come up with promises which it will never be able to fulfill," he said.

Samajwadi Party yesterday released its manifesto which made a bid to shed its anti-English and computers image by pledging to provide laptops and tablets to intermediate and high school passouts.

Gandhi claimed that the people of the state will not be fooled by the party whose regime has been marked by lawlessness and have been in the habit of "promising the impossible" whenever elections are round the corner.

He also alleged that the state witnessed a spurt in criminal activities during SP regime. "Whenever SP comes to power, the Goonda element control police station," he said.