New Delhi: Congress star campaigner Rahul Gandhi has pinned the blame on RSS for the backwardness of the Muslim community. His remark has evoked mixed reactions from the clerics and Muslim organizations across the country.

While some have approved of Rahul’s accusations, many feel that instead of pinning blame on others the Congress should look within as they too have done nothing for the upliftment of the community.

Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind’s Chief Muhammad Usman said, “If according to Rahul the communal parties are responsible for the plight of Muslims in the country then what the Congress government was doing at the Centre? His responsibility is to keep a check on such people. Congress promised to work for the upliftment of the Muslims last time as well but failed to do anything. In such circumstances how can Muslims trust the Congress again?”

Terming Rahul’s remark as absurd Majlis Ulema-e-Hind’s General Secretary Maulana Kalbe said, “It’s strange how Rahul Gandhi in spite of being at the Centre is leveling charges against the RSS for the backwardness of the Muslims. This means that the Congress was a mute spectator to the injustice being done to the Muslims.”

Milli Counsel’s Chief secretary Dr Manzoor Aalam said, “Before passing such kind of a remark Rahul Gandhi should remember that his thoughts should transform into action. Though Rahul can be trusted on his remark this time, the general elections will come up in two years time and if he fails to fulfill our expectations, then the Muslims will look for an alternative.”

On the other hand the Vice Chairman of Urdu Academy said, “I appreciate that Rahul Gandhi realized the poor condition of the Muslims in the country. This statement will only give strength to our secular image.”