In the backdrop of elevation of Rahul Gandhi for shouldering a bigger role, the Congress has tried to portray the Gandhi scion more convincing and matured leader in a rally held in Allahabad. The party cauldron is bubbling with the possibility of Rahul being catapulted to the working president of the Congress and hence an effort is being made to highlight him for centrestage of Uttar Pradesh Assembly election. Rahul Gandhi is a future leader of the Congress and the party has made high expectation of him. Now, Rahul needs to prove his mettle by taking up bigger challenges that the nation is facing off as he has to play a decisive role in functioning of the government so that message should percolate among people, about his integrity and vision for steering India to the front ranking developed countries. It will lead nowhere that the Centre is losing its credibility by failing to live up the expectations of aam admi and on the other Rahul fires salvo at non-Congress ruling state governments. It is precise that the problems gripping Uttar Pradesh or other non-Congress ruling states must be exposed, but Rahul Gandhi also ought to explain the Centre’s failure on curbing corruption and northward inflation. It is praiseworthy that Rahul is doing backbreaking effort to bring political awareness among youths and engaged with ironing out wrinkles created in running the government, but if the Centre does not become proactive in removing bottlenecks, his campaign will fizzle out.

Rahul Gandhi does have capacity to pull crowds and create ripples in the bastion of the Opposition parties, but it will be significant if he becomes facilitator of delivering good governance. Even the Prime Minister looks helpless in fending off the outstanding issues. The Centre seems to be reeling under siege because the internal feud and ego clash among ministers are on rise. Given the situation, Rahul needs to take some bold steps which would change the contour of the ruling dispensation in order to check its plummeting popularity.  Rahul Gandhi was projected in an aggressive form in the rally held at Allahabad, but his supporters must learn that the gentleness of the Gandhi scion would only be a big asset to earn points for the party. In fact, the Congress should know that there is a need to transform the face of the Central government instead Rahul Gnadhi.