Thakur stated that the group, which wanted to make the food park, had opted out of the project in 2012-13 due to non-availability of gas, and Rahul was misleading the people on the issue. "The person (Rahul), who was in slumber for past five years and is not in the habit of doing his homework, is misleading the people on the food park matter. What was he doing for past few years, when all this happened?" Thakur told reporters.

On the food park, Rahul, who was on a three-day tour to his constituency Amethi, had earlier said that BJP "wants to hurt me through this politics of revenge. But, in reality the farmers are getting affected, and not me." However, Thakur mentioned Rahul was doing "cheap politics" and only misleading people against BJP government. He also accused the Congress of spreading lies on the Land Acquisition Bill, and said that farmers would get four-times higher compensation.

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