"I feel Rahul should become the President. I certainly have much more experience. I have seen Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi," he said while dismissing the opinion of senior leaders Amarinder Singh and Sandeep Dikshit that Sonia should continue at the helm and it's still time for Rahul to learn.

Insisting that there was "no right time or no wrong time" for Rahul to take over, he cited there has been a transition in politics and "there is a fatigue factor and it is time Congress must position Rahul Gandhi."

Nath said he was not advocating that Sonia should retire and "she can eventually be the mentor of the party".

He also described as "totally incorrect" that 97 to 99 percent of partymen wanted Sonia to continue and suggested the difference of opinion was only about the timing of Rahul's elevation.
Insisting that keeping in mind the fatigue factor, the party "must position Rahul" for the leadership role, Nath urged that Sonia may have a role "where she can guide, she can be a
The remarks have come amid a raging debate in the party on leadership issue and indications that Rahul may be anointed as party chief after an AICC session.

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