He also charged that the BJP governments at the Centre and in Chhattisgarh were acquiring land in the name of development, which has not reached the doorsteps of the poor and the tribals.

"We do not want such development," he said, asserting that he will not allow such kind of development to take place. Lashing out at Prime Minister, Gandhi cited he only visits tribal and poor areas during elections to seek votes in the name of development.

"I can write it down, he (PM Modi) will not come here before elections. When he comes, he will say 'we have brought good days. We can bring more good days so vote for us again'," Gandhi mocked addressing a rally here. The Congress vice-president said, "PM Modi Who wears suit worth of Rs 15 lakh, prefers to go to Australia and the US."

"If Modiji takes off his Rs 15 lakh suit and comes here to these villages, he will see the value of MNREGA," he added.

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