"I saw a BJP poster which said they wanted to empower women. There are talks of Gujarat model. People say there is a lot of progress in Gujarat. But in Gujarat, policemen are sent behind women, women's phones are tapped by policemen. UPA government does not do such work. We give empowerment to women," Gandhi said in his first rally in Delhi in run-up to the Lok Sabha polls.
The barb of the Congress vice-president was directed at Modi, who was in the eye of storm over a scandal involving the surveillance of a woman in Gujarat.
A sting operation by Cobrapost had shown a recorded conversation of his close aide Amit Shah with senior police officers in which the direction for snooping of the woman was said to have come from one 'saheb', the nickname attributed to Modi.
Gandhi also took potshots at Modi over his "chowkidar" pitch.
"BJP says the country needs a chowkidar today. And that is why they have put up one chowkdiar. Make him Prime Minister and everything will become good in the country. We say India does not need one chowkidar. India needs 10-12 crore chowkidars. We want to make all of you chowkidars, we want to give rights to everybody. That is why we talk of RTI, Panchayati Raj, Lok Pal...We want more strength should be given to you," he said.
Gandhi also took dig at BJP for its inability to come up with a manifesto even as first phase of Lok Sabha polls is being held tomorrow and contrasted it with Congress manifesto.
"For six months we asked what you want. Whatever we put in our manifesto was what you told us. I held 30-40 meetings personally. I talkled to various sections...coolies, workers, industrialists...then we created our manifesto.
"Look at the other side. They did not even make a manifesto. Elections have come...there is no need to ask anybody...Everything is known to one person...This is the difference between them and us," he said.


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